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This summer a group of elite students conducted a water lab experiment with the Upward Bound Math Science program. In this experiment students tested the surrounding rivers and streams that make up this beautiful Appalachian area. The objective of this experiment was to focus on two different aspects of water quality. The first was to  determine the water quality of three different stream sites in the Harlan County area, areas which were included were: Lynch, Kentucky, Hiram, Kentucky, and Baxter, Kentucky. The second aspect was to test tap water, from two different local areas, and compare them to two different Bottled Water Brands, too determine if bottle water is of better quality than tap water. The students found some unexpected and shocking results. Make sure you click through some of the example lab reports to see what they found!

Group 1

Alanna Cavins

Tia King

Leonna Gambrel

Miranda Anderson


Group 2

Faith Posey

Shelbee Farmer

Tamber Taylor

Group 3

Deona Mimes

Tahj Bryant

Aj Hall

Aaron Mefford


Water Testing 

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